About Us


Now¬†in our thirteenth year, Dartmouth Model United Nations (DartMUN) will invite over 500 high school students from around the world to our picturesque Hanover, New Hampshire Campus for three days of invigorating debate. Run solely by Dartmouth undergraduate students, DartMUN offers delegates an unparalleled opportunity to debate, negotiate, and collaborate with other peers in advancing today’s pivotal political, economic, and cultural issues. Held every spring, DartMUN welcomes both beginners and seasoned delegates to its conference. With committees varying from Historical Crises to Specialized Committees, DartMUN provides an abundant variety of international affairs for students of all skill levels. We cannot wait to collaborate with students every spring in our quest to develop innovative solutions for the most testing topics that the world offers.



DartMUN strives to achieve these objectives:

1) Exposing high school students to issues facing the international community and various strategies to address those issues.

2) Connecting a diverse group of students who are interested in international affairs.



DartMUN offers students a chance to engage in intellectual discourse and debate at a top-notch Ivy League university. Although the smallest Ivy, Dartmouth and its students consistently engage in high-caliber learning; in fact, US News & World Report continues to rank Dartmouth among the top universities for Best Undergraduate Teaching.
You can expect excellent committee leadership, social events, and intellectual participation at DartMUN. Our bright and knowledgeable undergraduate volunteers constantly dedicate their time and energy in order to host a flawless conference for your school.
If your school has never been to New Hampshire, now’s the time to go! DartMUN offers a prestigious conference set on a bucolic campus that will allow students to fully enjoy their delegate experience for a fair, reasonable price.

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