Conference Policies


Delegates are not allowed to use computers during committee session. All working papers and resolutions will be typed up by dais members and then printed by conference staff.


All delegates must wear Western Business Attire during every committee session.


In each committee, the committee staff will give the following awards: “Best Delegate” (gavel), “Outstanding Delegate,” “Honorable Mention,” and “Verbal Commendation.” Criteria for these awards include quality of position paper, leadership skills, quality of contributions to formal debate, and diplomacy. This year committee staff will also give out awards for “Best Position Paper” in their committee to acknowledge those students who came most thoroughly prepared and exhibited written acumen in addressing the committee topics. Additionally, two schools will be selected to receive Best Delegation awards (one small delegation and one large delegation). Criteria for these awards will be based on the number of awards each delegation receives as well as feedback from daises about the diplomatic skills of delegates from each school. Schools with fewer than 15 delegates will be considered small delegations. Lastly, one school will receive the “Research Award” based on the quality of research, analysis, and writing in the delegation’s position papers.


In general, all General Assembly (GA) committees will be tailored to expect novices. The staff for these committees will explain procedure throughout the weekend to ensure that novices understand committee proceedings as well as how to participate appropriately and effectively. Therefore, faculty advisors should assign delegates with little to no Model UN experience to these committees.


Faculty advisors should assign their most experienced delegates to these committees. These committees are designed to be fast-paced and respond to rapid developments, so delegates with previous Model UN experience will be best equipped to participate in these committees.


Double delegations are not permitted in any committee at DartMUN.


Position papers are due at the beginning of the first committee session on Friday night (see the “Position Paper Guidelines” page for more information). Only delegates who turn in a hard copy of their position paper at this time will be eligible for awards.


Plagiarism is not tolerated at DartMUN. Any position papers, speeches, or draft resolutions that are determined to be plagiarized will be reported to faculty advisors and the responsible delegate(s) will not be eligible for awards.