Position Paper Guidelines

These are the conference-wide position paper guidelines for DartMUN 2017. While these stand unaltered for most of our committees, we encourage all delegates to read their committee’s background guide for any possible modifications to this format (especially for those in crisis committees).

PLEASE NOTE: All delegates for DartMUN 2017 will be expected to turn in TWO hard copies at first committee session. Delegates who do not submit a copy of their position paper at this time will not be eligible for awards.


Papers should include separate sections for each topic. For each topic, delegates should include a brief summary of the topic that demonstrates an understanding of the issue the committee will be addressing. Following this brief summary, delegates should explain how the topic relates to their country’s policies and opinions. This second section that relates the country to the topic should be the emphasis of each paper and demonstrate research about as well as analysis and understanding of the country’s position on the committee’s topics. Finally, delegates should propose possible solutions to the issue at hand that are in agreement with their representative views.


Delegates must submit a separate position paper for each topic discussed in their committee. Each position paper should be NO LONGER than one page single-spaced. The bibliography can be on a second page.


All papers should be single-spaced with 1-inch margins and 12 pt. font. Please use MLA-style citation and footnotes rather than parenthetical citations. Please place the following information in the top right-hand corner of both pages of your position paper: committee, country, delegate’s name, school, and topic. No cover pages, please.


All papers must include a bibliography of the sources that were cited in the paper or consulted to write the paper. Footnotes (please, no parenthetical citations) are required for any information that is specific to a source and not considered “general knowledge” (such as quotes, facts, statistics, specific policies, etc.). Plagiarism and unattributed information are not tolerated at DartMUN. Any papers that are determined to be plagiarized will be reported to faculty advisors and those delegates will not be eligible to receive awards.


All delegates are expected to turn in TWO hard copies of their position paper at the first committee session on Friday night. Committee directors will collect position papers before debate begins, and delegates who do not have position papers to turn in at that time will not be eligible for awards.


Delegates should feel free to contact their committee directors by email to ask any questions prior to the conference (email addresses are included in the director’s letter at the beginning of each background guide). Delegates can also email drafts of their position papers to committee directors for feedback if they so desire.